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Welcome to the practice of Amy Driskill, LCMFT, SEP. I provide therapy designed to encounter and embody the best in yourself and your relationships.

What Is Integrative Counseling?

My work with individuals and couples combines methods from family systems theories, brain science and Somatic Experiencing® to provide a more inclusive approach to treatment.

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Trauma Therapy

Trauma isn’t just reserved for combat or war veterans – it’s something we all deal with. Understanding that trauma is a normal part of life is the first step toward healing.

Life Transitions

Life is constantly changing for all of us – some changes more painful than others. Divorce, job loss and many other changes can all feel overwhelming. I use methods shown to help deal with change and learn more about yourself.
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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety impacts most of us every day. Stress from work, family and relationships can feel overwhelming and frustrating. My specific tools will help you manage unwanted anxiety.

Couples Counseling

We are all unique individuals with different experiences and expectations – especially when it comes to relationships. Without taking sides, my role is to identify and challenge you and your partner to learn how to use conflict to deepen your relationship and grow.
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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
Amy Driskill Wichita Kansas Profile
I am a licensed clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. My training and experience is working with couples, families and individual adults around issues such as marital conflicts, developmental trauma, shock trauma and self-improvement.

Amy Driskill