Therapeutic Approach

I am a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist with a focus on treating individual adults and couples. My approach to treatment applies using the knowledge, training and experience gained from systems theory, neuroscience and how the human body responds to anxiety, fear and trauma.

As a therapist I am not exempt from experiencing difficulty, distress, uncertainty and marital conflict. I believe in the transformative power of therapy, both for myself and for others.

There are no magic answers, no persuading a person or a couple to change, no checklist to complete and then your troubles will resolve. Change and transformation requires each of us to dig deeply into places we don’t want to go. Opening yourself up to the unknown and sticking with it. Therapy is and should be hard, that means your life, relationship is important to you. When I am witness to the transformation unfolds in people it is inspiring.

Humans are remarkable beings. I recognize struggle, pain, compassion and kindness in ourselves and others as an inherent wisdom that connects us as people. I also acknowledge it is this pain that keeps us locked in a prison that only we hold the key.

My job is not to “fix” but to illistrate, name, and shine a light on the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that hold you back from being the best you.

Insurance & Fees

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Amy Driskill is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance.

Most plans cover a portion of therapy services. Prior to your initial session, it is necessary for you to contact your insurance provider to determine coverage for outpatient therapy.

The standard rates for a therapy session ranges from $140 to $200. All co-pays, co-insurance and other fees are due at the time of service.

Please contact me (316) 749.2007 for private pay or out of network fees.